Our Team

Our Mission

We envision a world where the word “incurable” is no longer used to describe rare diseases.  Armed with advances in precision medicine, medical genomics, and data science, we possess the power to understand inherited disease at a level never before possible.

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide.  Not all strokes are caused by inherited traits, but by understanding how inherited stroke diseases such as CADASIL develop we can greatly improve our ability to treat stroke regardless of the underlying cause.

Supporting the critical research of mapping out the Notch3 gene is the best way we know to build up a detailed understanding of how gene mutation leads to disease.  This same approach can also be used for any inherited rare disease.

Research Team

Dr. Lea Starita is the head of the Starita Lab at UW Genome Sciences and the co-director of Brotman Baty Advanced Technology lab. She manages the technicians doing the real science on Notch3

Dr. Adam Gordon is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology & Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University and focuses on combining genomic and clinical data

Dr. Suman Jayadev heads the neurogenetics clinic at the University of Washington and specializes in inherited diseases like CADASIL

Our Board

James Osborne founded the CADASIL Project and focuses on building awareness of CADASIL and Notch3

Dr. Suman Jayadev serves as The CADASIL Project’s medical advisor


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