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Led by the University of Washington Medicine Neurosciences Institute, a team of medical geneticists is researching the Notch3 gene to learn how mutations in Notch3 lead to stroke and dementia. Their approach uses gene sequencers and a cutting-edge technique called variant interpretation. This technique enables them to analyze gene mutations and assess the impact of those mutations faster than ever before.

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At the CADASIL Eradication Project, our mission is to support genomic research that leads to treatments for CADASIL and related small vessel diseases. Your donations help!

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Pay for additional lab materials for analyzing Notch3 mutations

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Every $75,000 we raise doubles the pace for analyzing Notch3 and getting us closer to a cure. Donate Today

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In Loving Memory

The CADASIL Eradication Project was formed in memory of Dianne Dickson, who died from CADASIL in 2008. Dianne was a talented singer and award-winning Sweet Adelines director who dedicated her time and passion to helping thousands of New England women discover lifelong sisterhood and joy through music.